Creative Technology Applications
Creative Technology Applications
Creative solutions to do difficult problems.

Providing solutions to difficult challenges facing Navy SOF programs.

Creative Technology Applications is a special company that focuses on hiring retired Navy scientists and engineers to solve difficult problems facing today's Armed Forces.  We've been in business for over 15 years and have worked on more than a dozen highly specialized solutions.  With deep contacts throughout the active and retired Navy network we are able to tackle the most challenging projects.


Ronald Seiple, CEO, Retired Captain, US Navy Seal

Ron is the owner and principle investigator for Soft Rail Systems.   He is a retired Captain with 2 Combat Tours in Vietnam as a Navy SEAL, highly decorated, and is also a Surface Warfare Officer.   He left Active Duty and employed at the Naval Ocean System Center Hawaii Lab.  Master of the Navy’s first SWATH ship SPP Kaimalino, Reserve CO and XO of Ocean Mine Sweeper, (MSO), Program Manager on numerous Navy Programs with SPAWAR, such as Ariadne, MIUW Up Grade System, Reserve CO of Special Operations Command Pacific, Science Advisor for COMPACFLT,  Sr VP Science and Technology International, and currently the President and CEO of Creative Technology Applications, Inc in Hawaii. Ron holds 21 US Patents and has published numerous papers.  Graduated Presbyterian College and attended numerous other Colleges including University of Hawaii, UCLA, UCSD for further studies in engineering and management.  Ron has unique qualifications as an operator and scientist.  He developed the Rendezvous Docking System for SDV’s to Submarines.  He developed the first SDV underwater Docking System and he also developed the Underwater SDV Trainer-SUBTRAP.    


R.B. Seiple, Chief Systems Engineer

R.B. has been one of CTA’s Chief systems engineers.  He has been an integral part of the design and testing of Soft Rail.   He has considerable experience as a design engineer for wind turbines, state of the art batteries and solar systems, underwater acoustic recall systems for SDV’s and SEAL swimmers/divers and many others.   R.B. was a EW in the Navy and is very experienced in Navy systems including ship alterations.

James Walton, Ocean Engineering Consultant

Jim is an Ocean Engineering Consultant specializing in L&R. He has worked as an Ocean Engineer for 47 years. Jim supported the LCS program as an L&R SME where he contributed to LCS LH&R IPTs and at-sea L&R prototype demonstrations.  He supported the MK18 Mod2 (REMUS 600 UUV) program where he made contributions to the successes of UUV and 11M RHIB L&R systems. Jim created the vertical-orientation-over-center “two-block” and “Cocoon” methods to L&R for a 10 ton 44 inch diameter UUV that had no L&R attachment points and inadequate structural integrity for L&R. His patented Cocoon L&R design solution allowed this UUV to be L&Rd nearly 1000 times in sea states up to 4. Jim designed one of the first UUV L&R ramps which logged 10s of open ocean (sea state 3) L&Rs of a 2800 pound 31 inch diameter UUV. He has also done extensive work in autonomous systems for land, air, surface, and underwater applications. Jim Holds a MS in Mechanical Engineering from San Diego State University and a BS in Engineering Science from the University of Redlands.


Dr. Gary Loverich, Senior Marine System Design Engineer

Gary is a Senior Marine System Design Engineer and has worked for the commercial fishing industry for over 30 years.  Gary worked for Ocean Spar and Nor’Eastern Trawl to mention a few.  He has received several NOAA awards for his contribution to Ocean Engineering and safety at sea. His expertise in developing trawl devices is of significant importance to Soft Rail.  Gary holds a BS in Aeronautics and Astronautics from University of Washington, a Masters in Ocean Engineering and Hydrodynamics-MIT and a Masters in Ocean Engineering from University of Washington.